Safety is a key role to the internet. Habbo is a strange place and is a community with different types of people. To avoid being mixed up with the bad side, here is our Habbo Safety Tips that will make your experience on Habbo the best in the world.

- Keep your information secret. Do not reveal important facts about yourself such as your full name, address, phone number, photos or school name. People could use your information to scam, fraud, hijack, hack you or use it against you to harm.

- Don't meet up with anyone on the internet. Only stay buddys with them through the pixels. If someone asks you to meet up, ignore them, don't respond to them and report it to a moderator.

- If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or giving threats to you in Habbo, don't shy away. Report it to a moderator by clicking the Help button in the client.

- We know the term; "once a image is online, its everywhere" Its true and thats what you want to avoid online. Never ever accept an invite to go on camera to anyone that you do not know. They could use your images against you.

- Avoid the scams. Scamming has been around in Habbo for years and its changing everytime. This could be from another Habbo asking you to type in a link in your web browser where they could hack your account or offers that promote free coins but will make your acccount hacked. Ignore them and report them to a moderator!