Habbo has many secrets but did you know you could do any of this? Special commands were put into the hotel to make the game more easy for users to do certain actions. Most commands are for Habbo Club members only so to have these make sure to purchase membership. One example of a command could be the :chooser command. This command allows you to see who is in your room. You can see a preview of this below.

All you have to do is type in :chooser in your speech area in the game and the pop up should appear on your screen. This pop up can be dragged and closed by clicking the X button. Another secret is that you can see what furni is in your room. You do this command by typing in :furni into your speech area and a pop up should come up like the image below with what furniture is in the room. You can drag it and close it by clicking the X button.

Did you find it challenging to pick up furniture? I mean alot of furniture in a room? Well, there is a command for that where it instantly picks up all furniture is placing it into your inventory. You can do this by typing in :pickall in your speech bar.
It should appear up a box to confirm to pick up the room with Ok or Cancel. An image of this can be seen below.

• Move furniture faster by holding down the ALT key and clicking the furniture you want to move
• Pick up furniture quicker by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the furni you want to pick up
• Rotate furniture faster by holding down the SHIFT key and click on the furniture you wish to rotate.
• Want to be heard? Hold down your SHIFT key whilst pressing enter when chatting.
• Hush those annoying bots up by saying :mutebots in the room.

Alt codes are codes that can be made from your computer keyboard. They create awesome symbols on Habbo like hearts, spades and stars. To create these symbols, you use a number pad on your computer keyboard whilst holding the Alt Key. The number pad should be located on the right hand side of your keyboard. You can see the Habbo alt codes below on the right hand side.

Habbo Alts

How do I use Alt Codes?
To be able to do alt codes, you have to hold down the Alt button located on your keyboard on the left hand side.
You must hold that down at all times whilst typing in the numbers from the number pad on the right hand side of your keyboard. Once you typed in the numbers, let go off all keys and your alt code should appear.