HC is an exclusive membership that has been around in Habbo for years. It has changed names a lot of times... at one point it was called VIP but now its back to the classic ways which is Habbo Club. This membership is nothing like Builders Club. Its a in-game based membership where you have more advantages than other users. This could be from new clothes that has fresh styles to custom HC rooms. Habbo Club costs 50c credits per month and 50 diamonds or 3 months for 120 credits and 120 diamonds. You can purchase this in the Habbo Shop aswell with real life currency. A tip could be that when you have 5 days left on your membership, you will be offered a discount of -5c to renew your membership so it will only cost you 45 credits..

When you become a member of Habbo Club you get the following

• An exclusive HC Badge.
• New Hair + clothing styles.
• New HC clothing colour palette.
• Free monthly gifts.
• Earning twice the amount of Duckets.
• Wardrobe tool to save your stylish looks.
• Ability to double your friends list (up to 1100).
• Premium queue for public rooms.
• Ability to create your own groups.
• Exclusive HC room layouts.
• Special commands such as :furni (select furni) and :chooser (select users)
• Additional dances, chat bubbles and actions.