Builders Club is a subscription program by Habbo. It allows you subscribe to a service to borrow furniture from the builders club catalogue. You can start a free trial but your rooms will be locked and people will not be able to visit them. Builders Club allows you to have the freedom to create whatever you like with a huge limit of furniture to borrow. Its great for creating large creative rooms so you don't have to spend your rusty bronze coins on all those furnitures that would generally cost you a fortune!

How do I purchase this?

You can purchase Builders Club by buying in-game with credits and diamonds or purchasing monthly memberships on the Habbo Shop page. Remember, when your membership expires, your rooms will be locked and people won't be able to see the anymore.

How do I use it?

Builders Club is easy to use. You open up the builders club catalogue via the normal Habbo catalogue in the tab saying 'Builders Club' and you select your furniture then drag and drop into your room. Thats it! You can also share your creations on the CraveHabboForum in the Habbo section to show your awesome building skills off.

Can i earn badges from this?

Why yes you can. When you start being creative with builders club and place alot of furniture in your room, you will randomly earn badges. You can see these badges below.