Every Sunday evening the departmental management always chose someone from their department who has worked the hardest, sometimes this could be even two people. Why do we do this, well it's simple it's to make all staff feel that they are appriciated, and it's not only their name on a page they get either, they pick up some very cool prizes. Staff of the week win the following;

- 20 Credits on HABBO.com!
- 2 Weeks donator on CraveHabboForums!
- A staff of the week badge on the forums!

Below you are able to see the people who won from each department right on this very page, and it is updated each week. We are keen to always thank our staff for the hard work, so if your favorite staff member isn't on here this week then don't worry there's always next time!

Staff of the Week is usually updated every Monday morning, and we try do this weekly!

Howdy Partner!

On our end it looks like no staff of the week have been chosen at this time, please check back on Sunday Evening/Monday morning and see if you are the lucky person to win this weekly prize!

This page will be updated soon, sorry about that!