CraveHabbo is a fansite which first opened its doors in early April 2011, when it was opened we were owned by iRaaave. ISniffCheese and Disappearance?. Once we had opened our Version 1 our site was an instant hit even though the layout wasn't perfect, we had a tremendous amount of support from lots of different people and they all became part of the CraveHabbo community.

One particular member who joined when Version 1 was released was -lmpregnable. who eventually went on to become a Site Owner.

Version 2 was released a couple of months after Version 1 and it made the site even more of a hit than it already was, it was a fully custom layout which featured a new custom logo for the site to give us more of a branded feel. Version 2 was a night themed layout with a firework background and went down a treat with the public. A couple of months later we went on to release Version 3.

Unfortunately when Version 3 was released CraveHabbo just didn't feel the same anymore to users and they started to disappear from the community, things went on a downward spiral and CraveHabbo started to lose members.

A couple of months later Ricky (-lmpregnable.) decided to get his friend SwinKid to design a Version 4 for CraveHabbo and once it was all fully designed, Ricky started to code everything into place. During the process of coding Version 4, things started to change drastically and Ricky just had no time to run CraveHabbo. Unfortunately CraveHabbo closed and was no more and had an incomplete Version 4.

In November 2015 Rave decided to re-open CraveHabbo. Rave and Rhys (Deterrents) worked very hard on restoring Version 4 and decided to change the entire colour scheme of it to blue and make it more of a night time feel, which reminded us of Version 2. Once Version 4 was released CraveHabbo started to become more popular and get itself back on the fansite radar. Version 4 saw a brand new administration team, management team and also regular staff team. Version 4 reached some great achievements in CraveHabbo history as we hit 40 staff members and had 20+ listeners on a regular basis. Things started to look very positive for the future and everyone had smiles on their faces.

In February 2016 Jamesss, and iRaaave. began coding Version 5 which was designed by Jemz Nixon and preparing it for release to the public. Coding Version 5 required a lot of time and effort to be put in and that is exactly what Rave and James did.

What you are seeing now is the brand new, fresh and refined Version 5 which makes CraveHabbo more modern and up to date. We hope you like it and hopefully it brings us the same amount of success that Version 4 did!